Go out. Check in. Stay safe.

iStaySafe lets your friends and family know that you are okay. With one button click you can "check in" with your map location and a photo.

If you are ever in an emergency you can send an alert asking for immediate help and your selected friends and family will be able to track your location for the nest 24 hours.

Getting Started

Notification Types

Check Ins: A check in simply says to your contacts that you are doing okay. A check in notification contains a photo that you take and a map of your location.

Messages: A message notification also says to your contacts that you are okay, but also allows you to include an additional text message. You can choose from one of the preset messages (I'm running late, Please pick me up etc) or create your own. Like check ins, a message notification will also include a photo that you take and a map of your location.

Alerts: Alerts should be triggered when you need immediate assistance. Like check ins, they include a photo that you take and a map of your location, but they also initiate a location tracking session that allows your contacts to monitor your location for 24 hours from when the alert was sent.


Your iStaySafe Contacts are the people who receive your iStaySafe notifications. A contact can be either an email address or a mobile phone number. Email contacts will receive an email with your notification details (photo, map, message etc). Mobile contacts will receive an SMS that contains a link to a webpage that contains all the same information as the email (photo, map, message etc). You can specify up to 20 contacts. To manage your contacts, tap the Info button () and scroll to the contacts section. Tap an existing contact to edit or delete it, or tap "Add new contact..." to create a new contact.


Reminders will prompt you to check in at a specified time, making it easy to remember to let your contacts know that you are okay.

To set a reminder, tap the Info button () and scroll to the reminders section. Select the time for the reminder, make sure it is active, and you're done.

The default "banner" notifications on iPhones can be easy to miss, so we recommend that you change Alert Style for iStaySafe to "Alerts". To do this, open your iPhone Settings (), tap Notifications, then tap iStaySafe and change your Alert Style to Alerts.

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